Itanium® Architecture for Programmers

Welcome to the author-maintained site for the book Itanium® Architecture for Programmers: Understanding 64-Bit Processors and EPIC Principles by James S. Evans (Lawrence University) and Gregory L. Trimper (viika), published by Prentice Hall PTR in the Hewlett-Packard Professional Books series, ISBN 0-13-101372-6 (2003).

Itanium® Architecture for Programmers: Understanding 64-Bit Processors and EPIC Principles also exists in a translation into simplified Chinese arranged by the publishers, Pearson Education Asia Limited and Tsinghua University Press (for sale only in the People’s Republic of China, excluding the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong and Macao), ISBN 7-302-09608-2 (2004).

Our book has companions in the Hewlett-Packard Professional Books series: IA-64 Linux Kernel: Design and Implementation by David Mosberger and Stéphane Eranian, ISBN 0-13-061014-3 (2002), and IA-64 and Elementary Functions: Speed and Precision by Peter Markstein, ISBN 0-13-018348-2 (2000).

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Types of information links provided on this site:

Book support
Updated information about new Itanium 2 processors
Sample programs and test files from the book
Download an archive for Windows users (also OpenVMS users)
Download an archive for Macintosh users
Download an archive for Linux and Unix users
Download the individual text files
Download individual additional files
Learning and teaching resources
Materials from a computer architecture course at Lawrence University
Online tutorial materials related to Itanium architecture
Reference material
Open-source and vendor documentation
Technical reports, white papers, articles, and presentations
Additional information from the Internet
Books in print
Itanium workstation and server configurations
System hardware or hardware simulators
System software
Client configurations
Remote access software
Programmer’s text editors
Limitations with certain system software amd simulator versions
Older HP-UX compilers
Older Ski versions for Linux
Upgrading to the current Ski version
Multiply defined user symbols can confuse Ski
Rumors about future Itanium processors
Other forthcoming processors

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