Itanium® Architecture for Programmers

Learning and Teaching Resources

Lawrence University (Appleton, WI, USA), an undergraduate college of liberal arts and science with a conservatory of music, offers an interdisciplinary mathematics–computer science major and a computer science minor. One of the upper-level electives is a course in computer architecture.

Materials from a computer architecture course at Lawrence University

Syllabus (spring term, 2009–10), which includes links to assignments and examinations

Titles of student projects (available upon request)

More palindromes, supplementing the list in Example 6.24 in the book

The catalog descriptions of all computer science courses at Lawrence University are available for html viewing.

Online tutorial materials related to Itanium architecture

IA-64 Architecture: A Detailed Tutorial by Sverre Jarp, version 3, 1999, pdf format (808 KiB)

Seven Steps of Migrating a Program to a 64-bit System by Andrey Karpov, 2009, available here

Online book materials related to Itanium architecture

“The IA-64 Architecture,” Chapter 21 of Computer Organization and Architecture: Designing for Performance, 8th ed., by William Stallings, Prentice Hall, 2010, ISBN 9780136073734 in pdf format

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