Itanium® Architecture for Programmers

Reference Material

Here are collected those reference sources from Itanium Architecture for Programmers which are readily available in electronic form on the Internet, along with links for traditionally published manuals and books that are still in print and newer sources that have become available. Items are categorized by type and authorship.

Open-source and vendor documentation
Linux software documentation
HP-UX software documentation
Intel software documentation
Manuals on Itanium architecture
Manuals on the Itanium 2 processor implementation
Manuals on the original Itanium processor implementation
Manuals on PA-RISC architecture
Manuals on IA-32 architecture
Manuals on SPARC architecture
Technical reports, white papers, articles, and presentations
Hewlett-Packard Company authors
Intel Corporation authors
Other authors
Additional information from the Internet
Historical topics
Mathematical topics
Simulated machines
Other topics
Books in print
Books on Itanium architecture, Itanium processors, and related software
Books on other specific computer architectures
Books related more generally to computer architecture and implementation
Books on other computer science topics

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