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about viika:

     viika is a small, privately held service and consulting firm that offers general services, while specializing in medical software, technical research, custom development, and portable computing. Services cover the entire range from project conception and management through software design and implementation, while clients define the spectrum of the individual user to the multi-national corporation. viika has over two decades of hands-on experience using and servicing most forms of portable computing and field service equipment, and can match field applications and requirements to specific hardware and software.

Contact Information:

    Primary Address
     307 S. Forrest Street
     Stoughton, WI 53589   USA

    Billing Address
     307 S. Forrest Street
     Stoughton, WI 53589   USA

    Primary Contact
     Gregory Lee
     +1 608 205-4380            PGP: gtrpgp.asc
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